Halbach Array Permanent Magnet Description

The Halbach Array permanent magnet is a magnetic structure that is nearly ideal for producing the strongest magnetic field with a minimum number of magnets. In 1979, American scholar Klaus Halbach discovered this special permanent magnet structure during electron acceleration experiments, and gradually perfected this structure, eventually forming the so-called “Halbach” magnet.

Halbach Array permanent magnet structure diagram 1

The Halbach magnetic ring combines the radial and parallel arrangement of the magnets. If the end effect is neglected and the permeability of the surrounding magnetic material is regarded as infinity, the above permanent magnet structure eventually forms a unilateral magnetic field.

Halbach Array permanent magnet structure diagram 2

Different array modes can form different combinations of magnetic rings:

Halbach Array permanent magnet structure diagram 3

Halbach Array Permanent Magnet Specifications

Model Technical Parameters Product Visual
Type B Magnetic Ring H201
  • Dimensions: 60*50mm²
  • Inner diameter: 20mm
  • Central magnetic field strength: 1.04T
  • In the range of 6*6mm² in the center of the magnetic field, uniformity is 0.5% in the axial and 0.5% in the radial direction
Halbach array permanent magnet