Momentless Helmholtz Coil Description

Momentless Helmholtz coils are installed as several coils with a specific geometric structure. Each momentless Helmholtz coil has a certain number of coil turns and utilizes a specific current direction in each group of coils to rapidly attenuate the magnetic field outside. This reduces the magnetic moment of the coil is zero. The momentless Helmholtz coil has the following outstanding advantages:

  • It does not produce magnetic interference in the environment outside of a certain distance when working, which has very important significance for the simultaneous operation of multiple systems
  • In addition, the coil does not magnetize the magnetic material near it, which avoids additional errors in this aspect

Momentless Helmholtz Coil Specifications

Model Technical Parameters Product Visual
  • Eight-ring distance coil
  • Diameter: 192mm
  • Length: 160mm
  • Central magnetic field: 1Gs
  • Axis: 100mm long, uniformity: 5.5%
  • Axis: 80mm long, uniformity 1.1%
  • Axis: 60 mm long, uniformity 0.11%
Momentless Helmholtz coil 1
  • Eight-ring distance coil
  • Diameter: 646mm
  • Length: 532mm
  • Central magnetic field: 2Gs
  • Axis: 100mm long, uniformity 0.011%
  • Axis: 200mm long, uniformity 0.092%
  • Axis: 300mm long, uniformity 2.3%
Momentless Helmholtz coil 2