Shaped Electromagnet Description

Electromagnet Solutions can design and produce customized shaped electromagnets for multiple purposes according to customer specifications. The range of customization for shaped electromagnets includes different usage methods, experimental requirements, working environments, and matching different equipment.

Shaped Electromagnet Details

Model Technical Parameters Product Visual
  • The magnetic field of the three magnetic coils of the electromagnet is the same in the axial direction, and the
    middle line bag is hollow and fixed on the track
  • The two sides of the line bag can move along the track, which is convenient for placing the sample
  • When the three line packages are close together, the magnetic circuit is closed
  • Magnetic field space diameter is 200mm, length 200mm, magnetic field direction parallel to the ground.
  • Highest magnetic field H ≥ 0.1T
  • Power supply: 10A, 120V
Shaped electromagnet 1A Shaped electromagnet 1B
  • Electromagnetic single wire package double yoke upright seat, horizontal magnetic field direction, wireless package side pole punch hole with aperture 5mm
  • Upper yoke iron microscope lens hole, aperture 30mm
  • Magnetic field air gap: 30mm
  • Highest magnetic field: H ≥ 0.45T
  • Power supply: 20A, 20V
Shaped electromagnet 2
  • The electromagnet structure adopts a double-wire wrap-around a magnetic circuit with a fixed air gap
  • The magnetic field is in the horizontal direction
  • The electromagnet can be moved back and forth on the track.
  • The pole tip is approximately 140mm from the top of the wire package, the magnetic pole area is approximately 80*80mm², and the fixed air gap is no less than 65mm
  • The magnetic pole and wire package dimensions guarantee incident and reflect light at 90° in the magnetic field
  • In the air gap of ≥ 65mm with the maximum power, the magnetic field ≥ 0.5T
  • The air gap in the center of the magnetic field has a uniform area of 20 * 20mm²
  • Power supply: 5KW
Shaped electromagnet 3
  • The electromagnet single wire package double yoke is placed vertically
  • The magnetic field direction is vertical
  • The wireless package side pole head hits the lens hole
  • Aperture: 40mm
  • Polar surface aperture: 10mm
  • Lower pole adjustable
  • Magnetic field air gap: 10mm
  • Highest magnetic field: H ≥ 1.0T.
  • Power supply: 20A, 20V
Shaped electromagnet 4
  • Kerr magneto-optic electromagnet, double yoke is placed vertically
  • Magnetic field is horizontal
  • Air gap is adjustable
  • The tower winding is made of wire winding to ensure that the angle between the incident light and the reflected light is greater than or equal to 90 degrees
  • Magnetic field air gap: 10mm
  • Highest magnetic field: H ≥ 2.5T
  • When the air gap is 30mm, the magnetic field H ≥ 1.4T
  • Power supply: 40A, 80V
Shaped electromagnet 5