Multipole Electromagnet Description

The standard multipole electromagnet is quadrupole, but can be extended to five-pole, six-pole, and eight-pole configurations. Multipole electromagnets are mainly used in multipole ring magnetization, radial gradient magnetic field, rotating magnetic field magnetic guidance, as well as other applications. 

Multipole Electromagnet Details

Model Technical Parameters Product Visual
  • Pole diameter: 30mm
  • Polar surface: 15mm
  • Air gap: 20mm
  • Magnetic field: 0.15T
  • The angle between incident light and reflected light is 90°
  • The magnet is equipped with two sets of 8A, 50V power supplies, each set’s winding resistance is 3Ω
Multipole electromagnet 1
  • Pole: 40*20mm
  • Air gap: 20mm
  • Magnetic field: 0.13T
  • Power supply: 3A, 125V
Multipole electromagnet 2
  • Fixed air gap: 70mm, plus a 40mm pole piece when the air gap is 70mm
  • Magnetic field: 0.1-0.15T
  • Power supply: 20A, 20V with two separate supplies
Multipole electromagnet 3
  • Pole diameter: 50mm
  • Pole surface diameter: 30mm
  • Wire package spacing: 150mm
  • Air gap: 32mm
  • Fixed upper and lower magnetic poles
  • Left and right magnetic poles: 32-150mm, adjustable
  • Uniaxial magnetic field
  • Magnetic field: 0.25T
  • Capable of sustained operation for 2 hours
  • Weight: 90Kg
  • Power: 2x 300W
Multipole electromagnet 4
  • Pole diameter: 32mm
  • Pole face diameter: 32m
  • Wire package spacing: 80mm
  • Four-pole adjustable air gap, range of 40-80mm
  • Quadrupole use in series
  • Current: 1A
  • Magnetic field: 300Gs
Multipole electromagnet 5
  • Four-pole radial magnetization
  • Magnetic field direction is NN relative, SS is relative
  • Work pole can be replaced
  • Wire package gap is larger than 300mm
  • Pole diameter: 130mm, adjustable distance of single pole is no less than 75mm
  • Air gap: 40mm
  • Magnetic field: Hmax ≥ 0.5T
  • Water cooling
Multipole electromagnet 6
  • Five pole electromagnets are used under the microscope to generate a three-dimensional magnetic field with a volume of 150mm and a height of no more than 60mm
  • The magnetic field in each dimension is 300Gs and can be increase up to 1000Gs in a short period
Multipole electromagnet 7