We Provide Solutions for Generating Magnetic Fields

  • Wide range of magnets made from coils, electromagnets, and permanent magnets.

  • Magnets with a uniform magnetic field over a large volume and compact magnets

  • Specially designed magnets for various applications: gradient magnetic field, zero electromagnetic interference, protruded magnetic field



Electromagnets offer large magnetic fields up to 2.6 T, large spaces for uniform magnetic field, and different field orientations.

Special electromagnets include:

Helmholtz Coils

Helmholtz Coil

Helmholtz Coils generate a uniform magnetic field over a large open space. The magnetic field is typically below 500 Gauss (0.05 T).



Solenoids create uniform magnetic fields inside the coil up to about 2 kG (0.2 T). They can also be used as a sensing coil to detect magnetic fields or magnetic induction.

Special solenoids include:

Permanent Magnets

Permanent magnets

Special arrangements of permanent magnets are used to generate magnetic fields, featuring small sizes and large magnetic fields.

Special permanent magnets include: